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Air temp: 61 degrees
Humidity: 93% Barometer: 1015 mb
Speed: 6 knots Course: 100-110 degrees True
Noon to noon distance made in nautical miles for the last 24 hours: 120 miles
Point of Sail: Beam reach
Wind speed: Northeast 7 knots
Swells: N 1-3 ft.
Noon Latitude: 39 deg 21′ N (Latitude wise – Same as point Arena)
Noon Longitude: 127 deg 50′ W
Camanoe’s fish count since Maui: Flying fish – 7 Squid – 0 Mahi Mahi – 1
Breakfast today: Oatmeal with blueberries
Lunch today: Leftover Mexican bean soup with Tortillas, Tortilla chips
Dinner tonight: Steak and corn or green beans

We are 240 miles from San Francisco. The miles are ticking off. The conditions have calmed down and are expected to grow calmer. It’s been great. I’ve had the opportunity to straighten and clean up the boat some today. Including, defrosting steak for dinner. Now, if only the sun will poke it’s head out!



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