Jarretaderas Recap

Although we’d been in the Bandares Bay area for over three months and explored all the coastal towns, we really hadn’t checked out any of the neighboring inland towns.  While we were sailing south, friends on s/v Navigo (Bob and Camelia) were still in Bandares Bay and spent a little time checking out the little towns of Jarretaderas and Pittial.  They were excited to share their finds with us upon our return to the bay.

I’ll recap Jarretaderas here and post about Pittial tomorrow.

I actually wasn’t quite sure where we were heading the evening we set our for Jarretaderas – Bob was having a hard time remembering how to pronounce the name of the town, but after I saw it written down on his map I recalled seeing the sign for the highway exit during our multiple bus rides downtown.  (For the record, it’s pronounced, “Yar-A-tah-dare-us.”)  It was a short bus ride on the “Directo” line from Paradise Village to a stop along the highway.  If we hadn’t had Navigo with us, I don’t think we would have found the correct stop or figured out which dirt road would take us into the town. 

It was just another small town along Highway 200 with seemingly nothing to do.  But, if you really look, or, in our case, go with people in the know, you’ll find fantastic taco stands, wonderful plazas, beautiful churches and small, welcoming family communities.

We had a great time trying out the gorditas served at the “blue tarp” taco stand.  There were only two tables at the little corner stop, which made us wonder what would happen if a few more people showed up to eat – the owner said he had more tables and chairs in his house if he needed to pull them out.  As his wife (we assumed it was his wife…seems to be the case at most of the stands we frequent) grilled and prepared our dishes, we were entertained by their yardbird running around our table and watching the local dogs that made it JUSTCLOSE enough to the property to scare the bird and cause the owners to yell (and possibly throw rocks) at the pups to keep them away.  We asked why they’re chasing the dogs away since we’ve been at plenty of stands where stray dogs are lounging and waiting for clumsy gringos to drop some asada.  The wife told us it’s because those dogs will eat their yardbird,  Which answered my next question of how come they only had one bird (as opposed to the three or four we usually see in peoples’ backyards).

Jarretaderas 011   Jarretaderas 016

The “Blue Tarp” taco stand with it’s two tables (L) and yummy gorditas (R).

After our very filling meal we took off on a walk towards the center of town.  It seems that every town in Mexico has a large town plaza.  They’re all paved with multiple walkways lined with benches and leading up to a covered gazebo.  Lots of space for local markets, concerts, and in the case of Jarretaderas, a little aerobics class with probably the town’s entire female population.  What a sight to see!  A lot of their children played soccer in the walkways while they waited for mom to finish her exercise.  It was such a lovely sight to see; the town, out and about, enjoying the warm evening and utilizing the plaza. 

Jarretaderas 020   Jarretaderas 021  

Jarretaderas’ town square (L) and the women of Jarretaderas feelin’ the burn! Not sure if it was Zumba, but it was some form of aerobic dance class (R).

On one of the corners of the plaza was the town church.  We’ve seen a lot of great churches here in Mexico, but I think the one in Jarretaderas is hands down the prettiest.

Jarretaderas 026   Jarretaderas 031   Jarretaderas 032  Jarretaderas 037

The town church all decorated for Easter; I loved the ceiling mural and beautifully carved doors.

While Camelia and I checked out the church, the boys stayed outside and befriended a couple of the youngsters kicking a soccer ball around.  I wasn’t there, but apparently Bob accidentally tripped one kid trying to get to the ball and then, also completely on accident, kicked the ball and it hit another kid sitting on the sidelines unaware that the ball was coming at him.  Dave kicked the ball a little too hard and it soared right into a lamppost and on a second attempt kicked the ball well outside of the plaza and down the street.  Although they were smiling and laughing, I think the kiddos were probably happy to see us walk away. 😉

Jarretaderas 038

Bob and the soccer kids. 

Tomorrow…how we ate our way through Pittiall.