What Did You Learn Today?

Short post…Dave just went to hang our hammock on the bow and I love a little swing time.

Today I learned how to get to Sayulita.  Which is only the next town over, BUT, you have to take a bus in the opposite direction (towards Puerto Vallarta) and get off in Bucerias, cross the street and then take a bus BACK in the direction you just came from in order to get to Sayulita.  Why there’s no bus between La Cruz and the next town to the north is just another one of those little Mexico quirks we’re all enjoying.

I also (semi) learned how to play cribbage, thanks to Leah from s/v Brio and Bonnie from s/v Kist (please tell me you’re following our friends on the blogroll to the right…such cool people).  This game is not for math-challenged people like me, BUT, I’m going to give it a whirl. We have the electronic version on our tablet, so I’ve got some practicing to do before facing Leah, the EXTREME game player.

Which brings me to my next lesson learned for the day….Leah has EXTREME Uno card game rules.  Like, you have to keep picking up cards until you can play (instead of just drawing one),  AND you can lay all the cards of the same number down at the same time, AND if you play a +2 or a +4 and then the next player plays the same +2 or +4, the next  player in line has to draw double cards.  Extreme, I tell ya.

AND, the biggest lesson of the day…how to cut up a whole pineapple.  We’ve had one for a few days and Dave was in charge of cutting it up since he was the one that wanted it/is going to eat it.  But, it’s attracting fruit flies, so I pulled up my trusty internet, gave myself a little lesson and just cut up some pretty nice chunks of pina if I do say so myself.

What did you learn today?