SME = My initials.  But you can just call me Steph.

Things you should know about me:

1) I sing along to any song I know the words to. And some that I don’t.

2) I love to laugh and get people laughing with me.  Dave calls my loud laugh my “sounding beacon.”

3) I’m addicted to reality TV competition shows.  I may go through withdrawls on this trip. 

4) I am a Bay Area native and can’t imagine living anywhere else.  I have a large, extended family back home.  All my great aunts think Dave is the cutest thing ever.

5) My superpower is the ability to fall fast asleep anywhere.  Dave is so envious.

6) My kryptonite continues to be those plastic baggies from the supermarket produce area.  The stupid things won’t ever open for me.

7) I’ve always wanted to travel more. Never thought about doing it by boat.  But, why not?


5 thoughts on “SME

  1. I remember an Italian song which came out while I was living there on my year abroad. It had the line “Prima di partire per un lungo viaggio, porta con te la voglia di non tornare piu’ “.

    Which roughly translates to “Before leaving on a long journey, make sure you don’t want to come back”!

    This is as you say, a fantastic adventure. I’m sure I’d have been just like you, wondering at the big changes involved, leaving things behind and sailing off for a Big Adventure. But you are absolutely right in that it’s going to give you photos, stories and memories to remember your whole life. I envy you and wish you much luck. I’ll eagerly look forward to sailing vicariously (and maybe one day trying it myself, as my workplace does have a sailing club).

    Bon voyage Steph (and The Capt’)!

    • Hi Helen! Thanks for following this new blog. I haven’t been keeping up with 12 of 12 (in fact, plain ol forgot on Monday!) but I’ll try to stop by your blog when our internet is a bit faster.

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    I’ve enjoyed following your blog since my return from bare boat cruising the Greek Cyclades in September. The trip was a blast and I was so glad I got my BK cert and some summer sailing under my belt before heading for Greece. It was truly amazing. So happy that you are enjoying your sailing adventure and looking forward to following the rest of your trip. The Christmas music we’re doing in Chorus is really beautiful; and yes, we miss you! Say hi to Dave.

    Wishing you fair winds and following seas.

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