Dana Point, CA

It was a fifteen mile jaunt down to Dana Point from Newport Beach; pretty short and easy after the long stretches we encountered along the Northern and Central California coastline.  Although, once again, the wind died on us soon after leaving Newport, so we motored along…

Unfortunately, neither of the Dana Point yacht clubs have reciprocal privileges with the Berkeley Yacht Club so we had to anchor.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if there weren’t so many boats already taking up the West basin anchorage.  There was a raft up party going on between the two yacht clubs and we forgot that it was a long weekend, so every one was on their large power boats.  Seems like that’s the norm in southern California; lots of power boats.  We could definitely do without them screaming by us when we’re sailing along the coast causing all sorts of ferocious waves knocking into our side.  They wave and smile at us as they pass like we should enjoy being knocked about in their wake.

Anyway…tangent…We were able to squeeze into the anchorage, but the afternoon breeze had picked up and kept blowing us all over as we tried to set the anchor.  We much have been pretty entertaining to the folks already sitting in the anchorage – we tried three times to get into position and finally got the anchor down, but then we didn’t like where we were in relation to a neighboring boat, so we pulled up and tried a fourth time.  Apparently, according to a local guy that was anchored near us and shouted out some helpful tips, everyone sets their anchor real close to the break wall and the wind “never” shifts to where we would swing into the wall.  Of course, we felt like we needed to by hyper aware of where the wind was at all times because we figured it would be our luck that the wind would shift and we’d have to move.  Luckily, all was good for the two days we stayed in the west basin, but definitely not our favorite anchorage.  Just too small and crowded.


Camanoe in the Dana Point West Basin Anchorage with the Dana Point Yacht Club in the background on the left.

We went ashore the second day to explore the Pilgrim Pirate Ship and the Ocean Institute.  We got to the Institute at 2:30p, unaware that they closed at 3pm.  They let us both in for the price of one ticket and let us run around and see everything for the last 30 minutes.  We got to see them feed the Moon Jellys and run an underwater robot and basically just let Dave ask a ton of questions of every employee until they said, “No really, please leave.”  (I kid.)  (Sort of).

IMG_0623   IMG_0621

Dave running the underwater robot.  I had better luck but Dave didn’t get a picture of THAT! haha

We also, as per my last post, finally hosted our friends from “Navigo” and “Way She Goes” to dinner on Camanoe.  We BBQed some tri-tip (which, they’d never heard of) and I made some risotto, rolls and a salad.  Sheila made some awesome potatoes covered and baked with Catalina Dressing (soooo trying to make this at another time) and some bread pudding, which went really well with Camelia’s very tasty banana bread.  Let’s just say, we’re eating very well so far on our trip. 


Camanoe’s first dinner party with (L to R) Camelia and Bob from SV Navigo, Wayne and Sheila from SV Way She Goes, Capt Dave.

Thoughts from our first dinner party: We need more dishes and cups and better knives.  Maybe I’ll get a good deal on some extra stuff like that in Mexico. 🙂