In Brief

– From Oceanside we headed to Mission Bay. Which is basically San Diego, but sort of around the corner.  Really nice, flat anchorage and within walking distance to Belmont Park and the Mission Bay beach area.  We wandered around the amusement park and got some frozen yogurt and Dave went body surfing in the ocean while I sat on the beach and read my book while enjoying the sunshine.  The anchorage allows people to stay for three days/nights and then we had to move on over to San Diego.

Mission Bay 009

– Next we headed into the San Diego harbor.  Sort of a smaller version of the SF bay because of all the different anchorages and bays and marinas that you can pull into.  There was a ton of wind when we were heading into the harbor and over to Fiddler’s Bay, but unfortunately Dave wasn’t feeling so well (we think the Red Tide happening in San Diego was messing with his sinuses) so although we could have sailed easily, we decided to motor the short distance just so we could get there and get tied up and let Dave rest.  The San Diego skyline is so pretty and it was cool to see all the naval ships and the USS Midway as we rounded the bend towards the Coronado Bridge. 

_San Diego 041   _San Diego 062

– Fiddler’s Cove is a Navy Marina/Yacht Club.  We were able to stay there for a few days free thanks to our yacht club membership and the generosity of the marina office.  They have a great little marine store for odds and ends. Dave was able to pick up some hosing there while he was working on the boat…which was a really good thing since the Cove isn’t really close to anything.  Dave’s Uncle Bill was our hero and drove out to see us on two different days and took us around all day so we could run errands and stock the boat.  WE COULDN’’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU UNCLE BILL!!

– Three days till we leave for the big trip down to Mexico and we headed over to the San Diego Yacht Club located in Shelter Island.  With our reciprocal privileges we are able to stay for three days free. AMAZING. And this is probably the absolute ritziest place we’ve been at the whole way down the coast. Not to mention the usual shower facilities and laundry privileges, there’s also a great pool and hot tub and each locker room has a sauna.  We feel so pampered!

_San Diego 098

-Our crew is here (Nick and Michele) and we’re securing the boat and getting our last minute provisions together.  We’re excited and nervous.  Also, looking forward to the Ha-Ha costume party on Sunday where we’ll all be dressed as Team Zissou from the movie, Life Aquatic.  Hopefully I’ll have time to post photos before we head south and most likely lose internet service until we get to Cabo. (well, I hope we can find internet access in Cabo…fingers crossed).

Until then….photos up on Flickr (see link on the right-hand column).  Adios!


Oceanside, CA

I’m beginning to think that I’m causing the non-existent wind patterns.  When I was taking my classes at OCSC in Berkeley, the wind would always fade away as soon we I hit the bay.  I was a curse!

Poor Dave. All he wants to do is sail (instead of motor), but it really just isn’t working out to our advantage.  We tried to sail out of Dana Point.  There seemed to be wind.  But as soon as we left the harbor, whatever wind was there completely died.  We attempted the spinnaker sail again now that we have a proper whisker pole (thanks to Dave’s multiple trips to Minney’s in Newport Beach), but we were barely making a knot.  So down it came and we turned on the motor again.

Our friends on S/V Way She Goes had to hurry and get to San Diego for work stuff, so we sadly bid them farewell and hope to meet up again either in San Diego in a few days, or, if not, we’ll try to meet down in Mexico at some point.  S/V Navigo stayed with us and followed us to Oceanside.  They were a good mile or so behind and seemed to be able to catch what little wind there was.  Bob radioed to us that he was making about 3 kts with his spinnaker.  We thought about raising our spinnaker again, but at that point we spotted the break water leading into Oceanside marina, so we figured there was no point and just motored the rest of the way in.

Oceanside yacht club has a nice dock in the marina that we were able to tie up to and Navigo rafted up next to us.  With power, water, hot showers, WiFi and laundry facilities, it was like a resort!  All for free because of our yacht club membership.

IMG_0639   IMG_0641

Dave did a bunch of projects on the boat while I handled the laundry and called my family…I’ll see if I can get him to write a post about what he’s been up to.

Today we took a LONG walk with Bob and Camelia over to the Oceanside Pier.  It’s supposedly one of the longest wooden piers in  California.  Dave and I thought the Berkeley Pier was MUCH longer, but there were some entertaining sites along Oceanside’s pier.

IMG_0659  IMG_0664   IMG_0647

We had a very nice time wandering around the city.  We stopped in at some various thrift stores and Bob found a music store where he bought a new Ukulele.  I’ve been helping him with his music theory and as soon as I finish this post I’m going to go next door and see how he’s doing tuning up the new toy and see if he’s learned any new notes.


Bob from S/V Navigo with his new Ukulele. And a Hawaiian print shirt bought at one of the stores we went to.  Fun times!

Tomorrow we’re bound for Mission Bay (just north of San Diego) where we plan to stay for a day or two before heading to San Diego until the Ha-Ha festivities begin.  Wish us luck and some good wind tomorrow!!


Redondo Beach, CA – Kings Harbor

(Sept 28) We left Pt. Dume for Redondo Beach around 9am.  We sailed out of Paradise Cove and spent about an hour sailing in light winds before giving in and motoring for a bit.  The entire trip only took about five, five & 1/2 hours, so I don’t remember when we started sailing again, but eventually we were able to put the sails back out and close-reached, making about 4-5 kts.  Dave had us take the mainsail down as we came up to the marina but we kept the headsail up and we were able to sail all the way into King’s Harbor and up to the yacht club guest dock where we tied up.

_Redondo Beach 004  _Redondo Beach 006

KHYC exterior (L) and the view of Camanoe in the Kings Harbor anchorage from the yacht club dock (R). Super short dinghy row!

Beautiful facilities at the KHYC.  We got to dock for free for the first night and then could anchor just outside the yacht club for free for the next few days while I headed home.  With free WiFi and a nice, calm anchorage, we were in heaven. 

I headed home for the next four days and Dave hung out on the boat working on the engine, watermaker, and various other projects that would require him to take apart the boat.  Perfect timing for me to go home!

I returned on Oct 2nd, the same day our Canadian friends on “Navigo” and “Way She Goes” came sailing into Redondo from their time at the Santa Barbara Islands.  So nice to catch up with them and share some dinners and stories and board games nights for the next couple of evenings.

_Redondo Beach 005

Navigo” and “Way She Goes” in Redondo Beach.  Can’t get rid of those Canucks! (Not that we’d want to) 🙂

At this point we don’t feel rushed to get down the coast anymore.  We don’t have to be in San Diego for another couple of weeks so we can take our time and explore different marinas.  We walked up to the Redondo Pier and spent a couple bucks on street tacos from a hole in the wall joint and enjoyed ourselves at the pier arcade where we skee-balled our way into winning a snazzy frisbee. haha.  

_Redondo Beach 013  _Redondo Beach 015

We’ll post all the pics up on Flickr as soon as we have fast enough WiFi. 


Sausalito & Horseshoe Bay

(Tues, Sept 13) Stop #1 on our way out of the bay and sailing south was Sausalito, CA.  The Sausalito Yacht Club (SYC) warmly welcomed us and let us moor for free for one night because we’re reciprocal members with the Berkeley Yacht Club.  While we hadn’t been away from home for very long, it was still nice to be able to take a warm shower in the clubhouse.

Sausalito-Horseshoe 002

Sausalito Yacht Club – Great stop if you belong to a reciprocal yacht club,

(Wed, Sept 14)  The next morning we motored further into the Sausalito Marina/Richardson Bay up to Schoonmaker Marina to see the folks at List Marine.  They gave our engine a once over (or as I liked to call it, “a blessing” for the trip down to Mexico) and while the Capt’ talked engines with the mechanic I took a walk along the main road over to Mollie Stone’s supermarket because we forgot to grab dishwashing soap before we left and we were mighty low.  It probably wasn’t more than a mile away and it didn’t take long for me to get there, but I was disappointed that the Sausalito Mollie Stone doesn’t provide a free shuttle service around the neighborhood like they do in most Bay Area locations.  Not that I couldn’t walk back with my little soap purchase, but what if I’d had more to buy??  I guess they figure people in Sausalito are coming by car and not by foot like they typically do in San Francisco.

We wanted to shoot straight out of the gate first thing Thursday morning so we motored towards Horseshoe Bay, which is directly inside the gate.  Got some great photos of the bridge (you can check out on my Flickr site…see pictures/thumbnails on the right-side of this page).  After the hospitality of SYC, we docked right next to the Presidio Yacht Club and walked up to find it strangely empty and run down.  Too bad; it’s got the best view. Such a shame to not be in use. 

Sausalito-Horseshoe 008   Sausalito-Horseshoe 010

Presidio Yacht Club – like a ghost town.

We walked over to the small children’s museum on the other side of the parking lot and the attendant there let us use her phone to call the Presidio Yacht Club (we both forgot to grab ours on our walk over).  The number went to a voicemail for Travis Marina (building next door…also empty and rundown) and we left a message.  Later, we noticed someone pull up to Travis Marina, so Dave went in to see if it was all right for us to stay the night on the guest dock.  The guy said he’d just received our voicemail and said we could stay for $30.  We really didn’t want to pay that much, especially since there were no facilities: no power, no water, no internet and the Presidio Yacht Club bar was only going to be open the next night when we would already be gone.  The dock seemed to be held together by a couple of beams and a prayer and although the Travis Marina guy assured us that it was plenty deep for us to stay through low tide, we pretty much ended up sitting on the mud later that night.  The guy ended up dropping the price to $20 but we really only stayed because we were already there and didn’t have any other great idea about where to stay that close to the gate.  Let’s just say we were glad to get out of there.  Not a very nice place; although the trails in the area do have some great vista views of the bay, city and of course the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sausalito-Horseshoe 005  

Sausalito-Horseshoe 017

View of GGB from the guest dock at the Presidio Yacht Club.