Camanoe at Anchor

Camanoe at Anchor

Camanoe at Sail

Camanoe at Sail

Camanoe Details (AKA – boat nerds read this page)

Model: C&C 39 Landfall
Year Built: 1986
Length: 39 ft
Beam: 12.2 ft
Draft: 5.5 ft
Sail Area: 667 ft
Engine: Yanmar (Diesel Inboard – 4JHE)
Diesel Tanks: 100 Gal. (Two 50 Gal. Tanks)
Water Tanks: 100 Gal. (Three 33 Gal. Tanks)
ICOM M710 SSB w/pactor modem
VHF Standard Horizon w/RAM Mic
House Battery Bank – Lifeline AGM 660 Amp Hours
Starting Bank – Lifeline AGM 220 Amp Hours
Wind Generator: AirEx Wind Generator
Solar Panels (300 Watts total) But Dave is always trying to find places to put more!
Diesel Generator (YanMar/Balmer APC750)
Hamilton Ferris Trolling Generator

What else you want to know?? Comment below and we’ll respond!


8 thoughts on “Camanoe

  1. I’m fascinated by a wind generator on a boat. Do you run it while you’re actively sailing, or just when anchor’s dropped? The engineer in me is curious about how it impacts your speed/sailability if you run it while cruising.

    • Speed loss is negligible, as this isn’t a racing boat. It runs any time there is wind, regardless of if we’re sailing or anchored/docked. The wind generator auto-regulates itself depending on the batteries (basically, when the battery voltage is maxed out, the generator stops itself, even if it’s still windy). Power generation is always our number one priority, if it’s windy, the wind generator provides, if it’s sunny, the solar panels provide. (The Capt)

  2. Hi Dave,
    Ok you’ve told us about the sailboat, you, your girlfriend, and the trip.
    How’s LUCY the dog doing? take care of my sailboat!!
    Peggy and Tommy

  3. the Diamond is in Mobile Ship Yard
    on a newer boat the AL-KAT hasnt been in the water a year yet but it does have it flaws
    please tell Miss Stephane said hi
    enjoy the holiday and
    Merry Christmas to you all and a HAPPY NEW YEAR

  4. OK you survived that question. Lucky for you Lucy is in Texas! and i am not sure but if she had gone with you she might not make it back into the USA. i am probably wrong. But we will let the 3 of you back in when you get here. Hugs Peggy…and Tommy

  5. Fascinated by your voyage. We will soon take possession of our C&C 39 landfall centre cockpit so we have been living vicariously through your site. Hope you enjoy the islands and thanks for doing this. Fair winds.
    Pierre and Jane in Ottawa Canada.

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