East! I shall go East!

Air temp: 65 degrees
Humidity: 74% Barometer: 1028 mb
Speed: 5-6 knots Course: 100 degrees True
Noon to noon distance made in nautical miles for the last 24 hours: 115 miles
Point of Sail: Broad to Beam reach
Wind speed: Northeast 10 knots
Swells: NW, N, NE 4-6 ft. Very Confused. Impeding progress.
Noon Latitude: 41 deg 17′ N (Same latitude as Eureka, CA, but 620 miles west of it)
Noon Longitude: 138 deg 15′ W
Camanoe’s fish count since Maui: Flying fish – 7 Squid – 0 Mahi Mahi – 1
Breakfast today: Oatmeal with blueberries, 1 apple, Granola bar
Lunch today: Mexican pressure cooker black bean soup and Tortillas, 1 apple, tortilla chips
Dinner tonight: Either PB and J (my favorite) or ranch chicken and greens (frozen meal)

The last 24 hours has been bumpy. It has been washing machine conditions. We are still making decent progress but are repeatedly slowed to almost stopped in our tracks from the confused seas. The high will be above and behind us in the next 24 hours so we will probably have winds from the northeast forcing us to the southeast towards San Francisco. As of now we are 730 miles from San Fran. I will not speculate on a time frame, since the High has been very unpredictable. It would be great if it would start moving to the south and giving us favorable winds like it normally does this time of year.

Windy is still kicking butt out there. Camanoe is continuing to prove her ability as a blue water boat. And I’m still hiding down below reading, watching TV, stuffing my face, and only facing the elements to scan the horizon, make sail changes, or search for the sun. Today I did spend some time on the Ham Radio. Being Sunday, there was a lot of chatter on 20 meters. I made contact with stations in Oregon, Washington, California, and Texas. There is a pretty cool club in CA that helps the National Parks by manning fire watch towers in the National Parks. I don’t know the details, if they hike to these stations and camp, or drive, but it sounds like fun. Most of the volunteers are amateur radio operators, which probably have all kinds of neat homemade antenna rigs and radio set-ups they use up there. The club can be found at http://www.buckrock.org. I’m going to download the web page right now.



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