I Stand Corrected!!

Air temp: 76 degrees
Humidity: 62% Barometer: 1026 mb and steady
Speed: 3 knots Course: 060 degrees True
Noon to noon distance made in nautical miles for the last 24 hours: 70 miles
Point of Sail: Port close reach
Wind speed: North at 8 knots
Swells: North at 3-4 ft.
Noon Latitude: 40 deg 57′ N (Same latitude as Eureka, CA, but 1500 miles west of it) Noon Longitude: 146 deg 25′ W
Camanoe’s fish count since Maui: Flying fish – 7 Squid – 0
Breakfast today: Blueberry pancakes!
Lunch today: Leftover spaghetti with extra garlic
Dinner tonight: Grilled cheese ham sandwich before the cheese turns completely black from mold

I stand corrected, as per my post from yesterday about not being in the high. I received the latest weather fax surface analysis for my area this morning. I’m definitely in the northeast quadrant of the Pacific High at 1028 mb. It wasn’t anywhere near here two days ago. Hence the reason for the light winds. We drifted for the better part of last night. Today has been light winds under five knots. We motored until noon just so we could record 70 miles made good in the last 24 hours. I don’t see any reason to motor for any longer than it takes to top off the ship’s batteries. It’s not like I’m going to motor into an area with more wind since the high moves faster than I can motor. The high is moving southeast and should be slightly below my position by tomorrow, placing me in the north quadrant. This should give me some winds from the west to northwest, but probably not strong enough except to ghost along. Since I no longer have a spinnaker on board, I have been using my lightest three ounce staysail. It is the only sail I have that doesn’t completely collapse as the boat rolls in four foot seas and light winds. With just this sail up I can at least point in the correct direction with a little headway, maybe a knot or two.

Even with light winds, today has been great. The sun was out for the better part of the afternoon and the seas were less than three feet thanks to the high. I sat on deck reading and enjoying the sunshine. I finally started “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. I even had the opportunity to run the Shop-Vac while the engine was running and clean up the cabin some. Who keeps shedding everywhere?



One thought on “I Stand Corrected!!

  1. Hey Dave, so sad to hear you won’t be in our home waters. We were looking forward to seeing you. Safe sails to San Fran!
    s/v KIST

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