Ticking Off the Miles!!!

Air temp: 69 degrees
Humidity: 60% Barometer: 1025 mb and steady
Speed: 5 knots Course: 090 degrees True
Noon to noon distance made in nautical miles for the last 24 hours: 126 miles
Point of Sail: Port close reach
Wind speed: Northeast at 10 knots
Swells: Northeast at 2-3 ft.
Noon Latitude: 41 deg 05′ N (Same latitude as Eureka, CA, but 1500 miles west of it) Noon Longitude: 149 deg 28.36′ W
Camanoe’s fish count since Maui: Flying fish – 7 Squid – 0
Breakfast today: Oatmeal – Peaches and Cream(Seems to be 50% peaches and cream in the variety box)
Lunch today: Leftover – Taters and chicken breast
Dinner tonight: Chicken breast, squash, and Bulghur wheat (This will be a first!)

I’m a little sad, but every body should know, I have officially changed my port of destination from Vancouver to San Francisco. There is no doubt Camanoe could easily reach Vancouver in a matter of weeks. Maybe next summer. However, home is calling my name. So be warned San Francisco, Camanoe will be back in town soon, lock up your daughters and hide your rum.

We have been making steady progress in the past 48 hours on a beam to close reach. The wind has been consistent, with strong gusts for 10 minutes every hour or so. Then it will drop down to 8-10 knots. Last night I was steadily recording speeds of eight plus knots. It’s overcast and cold, but my nightly hot buttered rum is keeping me warm. I no longer spend much time in the cockpit as it’s cold, I do scan the horizon quite often though. Mostly, I’m down below reading, playing Nintendo, or watching a cheesy Sci-Fi show. Once I’m closer to the shipping lanes, or in the fog, I will have to set up shop in the cockpit again.

Even after all the miles and the years I have been with Camanoe, it is not unusual for me to lay in my rack with the water swishing past the hull and marvel at Camanoe’s self sufficiency. It is still fascinating to think what an independent city she is. We make our own water, produce our own electricity with solar and wind power, propel ourselves with the wind, steer our course with the wind, and have most of the modern conveniences of a home. Most long term cruising boats are set up similarly, but Camanoe seems to be the best; probably because she is mine.



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