Making Good Time!!!

Air temp: 67 degrees
Humidity: 70% Barometer: 1025 mb and steady
Speed: 5-6 knots Course: 080 degrees True
Noon to noon distance made in nautical miles for the last 24 hours: 93 miles
Point of Sail: Port beam reach
Wind speed: North at 8-10 knots
Swells: North at 2-3 ft.
Noon Latitude: 41 deg 0.5′ N (Same latitude as Eureka, CA, but 1500 miles west of it) Noon Longitude: 152 deg 04.1′ W
Camanoe’s fish count since Maui: Flying fish – 7 Squid – 0
Breakfast today: Pop Tarts
Lunch today: Top Ramen with onions and carrots mixed in
Dinner tonight: Shredded frozen chicken breast with cubed potatoes cooked in BBQ sauce (SO good)

We are making good time today towards the east. All is well! The sun has been hiding all day. But the weather has still been nice. Nothing new to report.

Over and out…..


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