This is What it’s All About!

Air temp: 82 degrees
Humidity: 62% Barometer: 1022 mb and steady
Speed: 4.5 knots Course: 000 degrees magnetic
Noon to noon distance made in nautical miles for the last 24 hours: 102 miles
Point of Sail: Starboard Close reach with Genoa and single reefed main for balance Wind speed: Northeast at 8 knots
Swells: East at 4 ft.
Noon Latitude: 32 deg 59′ N Noon Longitude: 155 deg 4′ W
Camanoe’s fish count since Maui: Flying fish – 5 Squid – 0
Breakfast today: 2(1 package) Strawberry Poptarts, slightly stepped on and definitely smashed.
Lunch today: 1 Chicken salad sandwich, 1 deliciously cold mango, and 3-4 fist-fulls of crackers
Dinner tonight: Cheesy egg burritos, I have a dead bell pepper and 3 week old un-refrigerated eggs that are calling my name

John Mcateer, a long time friend of mine from my Merchant Marine days, came down to the boat with his wife Marilyn, in Maui the day before I departed with a care package full of mangos, chips, assorted drinks, and a beautiful lei. Thanks again you guys. I never realized how much I loved mangos. Before John left he said, no, he stressed the mantra, “Passages are what makes all of the hard work worth it.”  I can’t stress how right he was. So far this passage has been absolutely worth it. The skies are beautifully blue, the sun is out, the clouds are phenomenal (you can stare at them for hours on end), everything is right in the world. It’s depressing to think the trip will be over in a few weeks. I will miss my daily sea showers where I hang off the swim ladder soaping up, then holding on while Camanoe pulls me at 3-4 knots through the water for a rinse. Afterwards I always follow up with a freshwater rinse(thanks watermaker.) I will miss howling at the moon, because, there is no one around for a thousand miles to call me crazy. I will miss blaring the radio at full volume and making a horrible attempt at singing along knowing full well no one can complain. I will miss the sound of the water as it swishes by the hull of the boat while I’m laying in my bunk. I will miss the fact my cooking tastes so great because everything tastes great at sea. I will miss the unbelievably clear skies at night accompanied by unlimited shooting stars. Most of all I will miss how wonderfully simple life is out here. When you’re hungry, you eat. When you’re tired, you go to sleep. When the sails make noise, you adjust them. That’s it. There are no worries except the here and now.



2 thoughts on “This is What it’s All About!

  1. man, you are a good writer. i finally got an interview with noble drilling as assistant dpo coming up. i will buy a badass sailboat and do what you do. sounds so good, except for monty and the refried bean mold shit. yuck man !

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