Day #3: Rogue Waves Do Exist!!!

Air temp: 80 degrees
Humidity: 72% Barometer: 1018 mb and steady
Speed: 5-6 knots Course: 350 degrees magnetic
Distance made in nautical miles for the last 24 hours: 115 miles
Point of Sail: Beam reach
Wind speed: Northeast at 10-12 knots
Swells: East at 3-4 ft.
Camanoe’s fish count since Maui: Flying fish – 5 Squid – 0

So, the day started as usual, coffee and sail changes in the morning. Around 10am, after making a sail adjustment, I had just descended the companionway stairs when the boat suddenly rolled violently to starboard. Off I went into the air. Now, this isn’t uncommon. Usually I spin around in the air and land on my backside on the starboard settee in a sitting position with my foot wedged against the computer table’s base. And, this is just what I did. What comes up, must come down. What rolls to starboard, must roll to port. This must have been a very large wave as I could feel the boat skid down the trough as it rolled the opposite direction to port. I held on with everything I had, but off I went again. Hands first into the Superman pose. Lucky for me, my face acted as padding as I slammed against the port galley bulkhead. Good news is, the bruise on my forehead might be an improvement. Surprisingly, I didn’t see the wave before I came down the companionway. I must not have been paying attention because it must have been huge. Lessoned learned; pay more attention. It’s easy to be lulled into a sense of complacency out here.

Camanoe and I are still taking it slow and easy as you can tell from our miles made good in the last 24 hours. Comfort is more important then speed. Unfortunately, we heard on the net last night from a boat about 600 miles north of me that there is a 20 foot section of dock floating around up there. Tsunami debris. Apparently they sailed right past it. This is another good reason to take it slow. If I’m slowly cruising along, riding up and over the swells slowly, I might have a fighting chance if I hit debris. But, if I’m crashing through and over the water, flying over the swells and come down full force on top of a piece of debris at seven knots, that’s it. Slow and easy it is!

All in all it has been a fantastic day. The sun is out, I feel great, and the ocean is beautiful out here.


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