Day 21: Land Ho!!!!

Air temp: 80 degrees
Humidity: 74% Barometer: 1019 mb and steady
Currently: Anchored in Hilo Bay
Camanoe’s fish count: Flying fish – 26 Squid – 7

We did it! More like Camanoe and Windy did it. We are currently anchored in Hilo, Hawaii, about 1/10 of a mile off the beach. The beach is full of outrigger canoes, and the bay is filled with them as well. Through the port hole I can hear and see multiple canoes flying past the boat with at least six people in each rowing in unison.

It feels weird; the boat is not rolling or pitching. It will definitely be difficult to sleep tonight.

According to the GPS we have traveled 3,169 miles since leaving Punta Mita in Banderas Bay, basically Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Since leaving Cabo San Lucas we covered 2,669 miles in 21 days. We averaged 4.9 knots throughout the trip. We had an average of 15 knot winds for the duration of the voyage. Camanoe made great time, considering we didn’t push the boat, every night I reduced canvas in case a squall came through. All in all it was a fantastic trip. I will comment more on it in the near future. Now, it is time to take a hot shower, drink a cold beer and congratulate Camanoe and Windy on a job well done.



13 thoughts on “Day 21: Land Ho!!!!

  1. Congratulations Dave! Followed you all the way as I read your Blog entries….thank you for sharing with all of us who only wish we could fulfill our life’s desires and dreams!
    (I am ‘Francie’, Stephanie’s cousin….Aunt Sarah’s oldest daughter)….

  2. Good job Dave. I emailed the Midway Island people but never got a response. Call me for more info 805 827 1946. Pete Port Angeles

  3. Congrats Bro!!! Wish I could’ve been with you. Sounds like an amazing voyage! You are a true salt dog. Bravo Zulu!

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