Day 20: 90 Miles and Counting

Air temp: 75 degrees
Humidity: 84% Barometer: 1017 mb and steady
Speed: 3 knots Course: 260 degrees magnetic
Distance Left to Hilo Hawaii: 90 miles left to go
Point of Sail: Broad reach with jib
Wind speed: Southeast at 8 knots
Swells: East at 3-4 ft.
Camanoe’s fish count: Flying fish – 24 Squid – 7

Alright, we have less than 90 miles to go. We have been eeking along most of the day, until a few hours ago when a very slight breeze from the southeast developed. It would be nice to have a spinnaker about now. Even though we are so close to land, it still feels as though we’re mid-Pacific. There is no traffic or signs of life except the occasional bird. However, we are receiving channel #1 of the weather station over the VHF, in addition to the occasional Honolulu Coast Guard “Pan, Pan” message. At this rate we will make landfall tomorrow, late afternoon.

Last night the stars were attempting to outshine each other. We had a clear view of the heavens for the first time in a while. I was able to find the Great Bear constellation and follow it to the Pole Star which is connected to the Little Dipper. From there it was easy to trace out the Dragon constellation and the Herdsmen constellation. Very cool.


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