Day 19: So close!!!

Air temp: 76 degrees
Humidity: 83% Barometer: 1017 mb and steady
Speed: 4-5 knots Course: 260 degrees magnetic
Distance Left to Hilo Hawaii: 177 miles left to go
Point of Sail: Deep Broad Reach with headsail only.
Wind speed: East 12 knots
Swells: East at 4-5 ft.
Camanoe’s fish count: Flying fish – 24 Squid – 7

So close!!!! With any luck, if the wind holds up – knock on wood and fiberglass – I will arrive Thursday afternoon in Hilo, Hawaii. So much to do before arrival. I need to bring the anchors back up to the bow and reattach them to the chain rode, ready the fenders and dock lines for the customs and immigration dock, at least clean up the boat a little, and much more, including finding my pants. We are already receiving one of Hawaii’s AM radio stations, and picking up various blips and bleeps on the VHF radio. No TV stations yet.

Today, upon inspection of the Engine room, I came across a strong diesel smell. Apparently, the #1 injector fuel return line on the main engine, A Yanmar 4JHE, developed a leak. The bilge had a large diesel deposit to show for it. Surprisingly, I couldn’t smell diesel until I opened the engine room door. Unlike most people, the smell of diesel and oil is nostalgic for me. It reminds me of the dark hole in a ship known as the engine room, where I have spent the better half of a decade working to pay for Camanoe and this trip. Fortunately, I had visited NAPA Auto Parts before leaving and purchased five feet of fuel hose in all sizes up to 3/8″. Lots of fun replacing fuel hoses in a rolling sea with a strong diesel smell. Job is done though, and the engine appears to be drip free and running well in preparation for arrival.

It has been a slow day here, same as most days. Some reading, cloud and ocean watching, a little swimming after heaving-to, and several hours watching season four of Lost. Are they going to be rescued??? I think so.


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