Day 18: Today we Jibed.

Air temp: 74 degrees
Humidity: 93% Barometer: 1020 mb and rising
Speed: 5-6 knots Course: 270 degrees magnetic
Distance Left to Hilo Hawaii: 314 miles left to go
Point of Sail: Deep Broad Reach with headsail only.
Wind speed: Northeast 12-14 knots
Swells: East at 4-5 ft.
Camanoe’s fish count: Flying fish – 22 Squid – 6

Another day and 100 miles closer to Hawaii. The wind has been veering around to the east to southeast most of the day. This morning we moved the headsail over to the starboard side. The wind has been intermittent, but we are still averaging over five knots for the last few hours. There have been several small squalls today with light rain that have blown through causing me to carry just a partial headsail. It’s not really foggy, but it is certainly overcast.

It has been another day of reading and relaxing. I will certainly miss the consistent winds. It is nice to hang out down below in the cabin and relax while Windy and Camanoe do all the work. Occasionally, about every hour, I stick my head out of the hatch and survey the situation. I will usually ask Windy, “Que Pasa” (What’s up)? She never replies, which I take as a good sign, meaning there is nothing worth worrying about going on. Offshore sailing is such a different scene in comparison to coastal cruising. Out here, there is nothing going on. There is no traffic, no boats, no where to run aground. It is easy. As long as we are pointed in the somewhat correct direction, I’m content. Windy steers a course relative to the wind direction. If the wind changes 10 degrees to the east, then Windy changes course 10 degrees to the east. At first, I would verbally scold her for being off course a few degrees. She would always promptly turn a few more degrees off course when I did, as if to say, “I’m not an autopilot stupid. I’m a wind vane.” Now, I just relax with the knowledge that in a minute she will come back to the correct heading, as soon as the wind shifts back around.


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