Day 14: Less Than 1,000 Miles to Graceland!

Air temp: 70 degrees
Humidity: 84% Barometer: 1018 mb and steady
Speed: 5-6 knots Course: 250 degrees magnetic
Distance Left to Hilo Hawaii: 933 miles left to go
Point of Sail: Running with headsail only towards Hawaii
Wind speed: East 20 knots
Swells: East at 10-12 ft.
Camanoe’s fish count: Flying fish – 17 Squid – 6 (Found one Flying fish this morning, it had been there for awhile, more like fish jerky)

Less than 1,000 miles to Hilo. The miles are flying by. The seas must have had a pow-wow this afternoon and decided to be more straight forward on their attack of Camanoe. The majority of the swells are now directly from the east. They are still confused. I’m not sure if the rolling in the last 24 hours has calmed down or I’m just becoming accustomed to them. Ok, enough of me and my complaining. The 20 knot winds are great. We are moving along, and have been this whole trip. We haven’t had any lack of wind since leaving Cabo. On average we make about 130 miles a day towards our destination. Of course, we could be sailing faster, but I don’t push Camanoe at all. We still have a very long journey in front of us to return home. No sense straining the gear.

If I haven’t said this already, it is absolutely beautiful out here. The water is a clear sapphire blue. The visibility in the water must be several hundred feet. If I have a day that lacks wind I will be sure to go for a swim. Maybe even meet a shark or two. In addition, the sun has been out most of the day. This is a first. I have spent a large portion of the day on deck or sitting on the bow pulpit seat all the way up forward. Lots of fun up there. As a wave picks up Camanoe my feet dangle 15 feet in the air. When the waves passes by my toes are just skimming the water. We even saw a solitary frigate bird today. Probably the one I scared off yesterday with the P.A. speaker.

Very excited; I found a pack of pre-marinated Arrachera Fajita meat in the freezer today. Guess what’s for dinner?


One thought on “Day 14: Less Than 1,000 Miles to Graceland!

  1. Sounds great Dave,how long are you going to stay in Hawii?
    Which Island are you going to first.
    We went to Ventura last week and had a great dock party with the gang.
    Well the Girl Scout and me salute you and Camanoe.

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