Day #6 : Less Than 2000 Miles to go!

Air temp: 72 degrees
Humidity: 65% Barometer: 1015 mb and steady
Speed: 5-6 knots Course: 265 degrees magnetic
Distance Left to Hawaii: 1950 miles left
Point of Sail: Stbd. beam reach pointed torwards Hawaii
Wind speed: North 12 knots
Swells: From the North at 5-6 ft.

Today is a good day! We have less than 2000 miles to go! This might seem like a lot, especially at 5 knots, and it is, but we have already covered 800 plus miles from Nuevo Vallarta. And those 800 miles were hard earned, mostly beating. According to the GPS we have actually covered 1143 miles overall since departing Nuevo Vallarta. I hope the majority of the next 2000 miles are with the wind and seas behind me.


2 thoughts on “Day #6 : Less Than 2000 Miles to go!

  1. Woo Hoo! Good to you and Camanoe. We will keep our fingers crossed for good winds from the preferable direction. You go boy! 🙂

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