Day 5: Making some real progress!!

Air temp: 70 degrees
Humidity: 67% Barometer: 1014 mb and steady
Speed: 6-7 knots Course: 265 degrees magnetic
Distance Left to Hawaii: 2060 miles left
Point of Sail: Stbd. beam reach pointed torwards Hawaii
Wind speed: North 15 knots
Swells: From the Northwest 5-6 ft.

We are flying along at 6-7 knots seeing the occasional 8 knots as we slide down the back of a swell. There is a single reef in the main and the genoa is rolled up about 10%. The swells have calmed downed enough, so we aren’t crashing into them. Instead we are riding over them. When we plow through them it slows us down considerably. Before the sun disappears I will reduce sail in case a moving squall hits us during the night. A boat 500 miles to the northwest of us, who is also en-route to Hawaii, reported he had a squall hit him the other night. Fortunately, he was able to reduce sail before any damage happened.

The trolling generator is really producing some juice at this speed. A trolling generator looks like a small electric motor, similar in size to a starter motor you would find on a truck. It has 50′ length of line on it with a propeller on the end. This line and propeller are towed behind the boat. The propeller turns the line, which turns the motor, creating electrical power. The faster it turns, the more amperage it produces. This equates to: the faster the boat is moving, the more electrical output there is. At a boat speed of four knots, it might put out three amps. At seven knots the trolling generator is putting out close to 10 amps. In combination with the wind generator and solar panels this more then covers my daily consumption. Which is pretty good, because we waste a lot of power around here.

What did we do today? Not much. Adjusted sails, started a new book called, “Getting Stoned With Savages,” recorded a couple of sailing videos, flew my new kite off the stern (still have to figure out how to attach the camera to it), sent and received lots of emails, played around with the Ham radio, and the usual failed attempt at organizing/cleaning the boat.


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