Day 3: Finally on a Beam Reach

Air temp: 71 degrees
Humidity: 69% Barometer: 1014 mb
Speed: 5 knots Course: 260 degrees magnetic
Distance Left to Hawaii: 2340 miles left
Point of Sail: Stbd. beam reach pointed south of Hawaii
Wind speed: Gusty from the North-West 15-20 knots
Swells: From the west 8-10 ft.

Finally altered course for a beam reach. The wind has picked up some and veered a little more to the north. Instead of rolling the jib up some and attempting to point it’s better to alter course a little so the jib doesn’t flog itself too badly on the leech. Like all roller furling headsails, when you roll up Camanoe’s headsail it loses sail shape, which causes the leech to flog a little. Since Camanoe has a dynamite removable inner-forestay now, we will have to obtain a nice heavy-duty sail with reef points in it made specifically for pointing. She does have a great storm sail for the staysail but it’s not really effective until 20 plus knots of wind.

It’s been fairly mediocre around here today. Worked on the Jordan Series Drogue, listened to some more of part two of the Hunger Games, sent quite a few emails out, talked to a guy in Japan on the Ham radio who told me he was from the well known town of Yoko-Hammers, played with my Go-Pro 2 camera, and studied up some on weather forecasting. Oh, I also cleaned the deck of flying fish. Camanoe keeps catching them, like a cat who keeps bringing dead mice and birds to the front door.

For those of you back home who are concerned about my eating habits while on this trip, you know who you are, I have been following a strict health food diet. Today, started off with two Hostess Cupcakes and black coffee for breakfast, followed by a very unhealthy looking apple. Seriously, that apple would not have passed US Agriculture inspection. Lunch was two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, one of which was on a french roll so stale I might have chipped a tooth, followed by several handfuls of oatmeal cookies that we bought in September of last year. For dinner, I will search the boat for whatever else is on the verge of going bad. So far I have my eyes set on some 1 1/2 year old pistachios. I’ll let ya know tomorrow what I decide on.


3 thoughts on “Day 3: Finally on a Beam Reach

    • Barbra & Jack, Dave can post to the blog via our Sailmail account, which works off the SSB radio. Basically, it’s like sending a text message, which is why he can’t post any photos or videos while he’s at sea. Through our blog host, WordPress, we set up an email address that he can send posts to and it updates the blog automatically (sooo easy!). I usually go in when Dave posts and add in the tags, categories, etc (and also spellcheck…shhhh). Dave is able to view all comments since they are also sent to our sailmail address (unfortunately, he can’t reply like I’m doing now, but he could address comments in later posts). So comment away! He loves to have something to read 🙂

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