Day 2 From Cabo San Lucas

Air temp: 73 degrees
Humidity: 70% Barometer: 1009 mb
Speed: 4.7 knots Course: 240 degrees magnetic
Distance Left to Hawaii: 2433 miles left
Point of Sail: Close Hauled Stbd tack pointed south of Hawaii
Wind speed: West 10-12 knots
Swells: From the west 3-4 ft

Camanoe and I have been making steady progress since we left Cabo. The wind has been consistent. I have officially decided to make Cabo the initial departure location from Mexico for this trip since Cabo was the last landfall. Even though I departed from Nuevo Vallarta with the intention of making landfall in Hawaii. All is well here aboard Camanoe. We are currently headed west slightly south of Hawaii, close hauled. We are cruising anywhere between 4-6 knots. I haven’t had to mess with Windy (the Monitor Wind Vane) in the last day. The C.A.R.D. picked up one ship last night right before bed time. It couldn’t decide if it was going to pass my stern, bow, or just hang out with me for about two hours. So I had to stay up and keep an eye on it. We checked into the Pacific Seafarers Net last night and joined the regular roll call (Ed. Note: Link to the Seafarers Net and YoTreps have been added to our sidebar. -SME). Every night I will need to check in with them. Supposedly they keep an eye out for me. If I miss a few radio checks they will become concerned and alert the appropriate people.

To pass away the time since my initial departure from Nuevo Vallarta I have almost finished the construction of my Jordan Series Drogue, listened to the first audio book of the “Hunger Game” series(excellent), and have almost finished reading Margaret Cho’s book “I’m the One That I Want.” When finished I will chuck it overboard so no one else will have to suffer through it. I hope this is the only copy in existence. And of course, I have been watching entirely too much T.V..


3 thoughts on “Day 2 From Cabo San Lucas

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