Day #2 – Water, Water and more Water

Air temp: 84 degrees
Humidity: 70% Barometer: 1009 mb
Speed: 5 knots Course: 245 degrees magnetic
Miles made good for Hawaii in past 24 hours: 79 miles with 2716 miles left Miles actually sailed in past 24 hours: 98 miles
Point of Sail: Close Hauled Starboard
Wind speed: 10-12 knots
Swells: 4-5 ft West

Through the night and early morning hours we were ghosting along at 1-3 knots. Windy, our Monitor wind vane had to be persuaded a few times throughout the night to stay on course. Otherwise it was an uneventful evening. We spotted a cruise ship off in the distance maybe 6 miles away around 2300. It was nowhere in the vicinity of us. Throughout the night I would sleep 1/2 hour in the cockpit then look around for approaching traffic, then go back to sleep for 1/2 hour. So, I’m fairly worn out. I suspect it will take three to four days to get use to this.

Surprisingly, the VHF ( The short range radio, usually good for 25 miles only ) is picking up not only Mazatlan (150 miles north), but Manzanillo ( 150 miles south ). Just when I think there is no one else in the world, “snap, crackle, pop,” there goes the radio with someone on the other end speaking Spanish.


*Editor’s Note: I’m not sure if the people who have subscribed to our blog and get an email w/new posts also get new emails when we make updates to a previously published post – if you do, sorry! Because I’ll be jumping in and editing any of the Capt’s posts, one, because I’m the type of person that hates having spelling mistakes in my posts, and two, because Dave can’t categorize tags or anything, so I’ll be doing that from my end. Sorry again if you get multiple post emails! – SME

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