Adios Mexico!!

Water temp: 77 degrees Air temp: 87 degrees
Humidity: 70% Barometer: 1010mb
Speed: 3.2 knots Course: 340 degrees
Miles made good for Hawaii: 5 miles
Miles covered according to GPS: 10 miles

Camanoe and I have just departed Punta Mita, Mexico bound for Hawaii. A short 2800 mile trip. We are hoping for an easy 3-4 week downwind trip. However, Camanoe is a slow gal, and I’m in no rush, so I won’t push her. First, we have to find the tradewinds. As of now we are on a close reach beating offshore. Barely making 3 knots. There is a possible cyclone developing to the south of me. So I will probably turn on the engine and start heading west torwards colder water and the Trades.


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