Back in Mexico and Getting Close to Departing for Hawaii!!!!

Steph is back at work. I’m expecting my alimony check any time. We both flew back to California on the 1st of May, and I returned on the 10th with a 100 lbs. of luggage, aka boat gear. It was a total realization of how hot it can actually become in Mexico during the summer when they opened the airplane door in Puerto Vallarta. Sacramaneto was hot, maybe 80 degrees, but not humid. We left ten days previously and it was warm here in P.V.. Now it is out right hot and humid. Almost on par with Louisiana where I worked for years. It’s time to get out of here. A good excuse to sail to Hawaii. For those of you not aware of what’s up here on Camanoe, I will be sailing to Hawaii singlehanded as soon as Camanoe is ready. It’s a 2800 mile trip, almost due west of Puerto Vallarta. Hopefully it will take three, possibly four weeks.

I’m both excited and anxious. Excited because this is the trip of a lifetime, it has the potential to be one of the highlights of my life. On the flip side I’m very anxious, this trip has the potential to be miserable and even life threatening. The boat is close to being ready to go. The larger projects are completed. Everything else required to get this hoedown going is minor. Mostly organizing and last minute shopping. I’ve done everything I can within reason to ensure Camanoe is up to the voyage. After all, 2800 miles, singlehanded, alone, possibly the worst weather I or Camanoe have ever seen, with no assistance available no matter what the problem is, can be a daunting thought. The reality of it all is finally setting in. Damn, I’m looking forward to it!


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