A Farewell Chope…or Seven

I haven’t been very shy about my love of Huanacaxtle Bar and Cafe in La Cruz.  It will always hold a special place in my heart.  It was one of the first places we tried out when we arrived in La Cruz and it quickly became the only place we frequented regularly. 

It’s not just the convenient location near the marina or the cheap, tasty food, or even the ridiculously cheap and tasty Chope draft beer during happy hour (although, that is a big reason), it’s because of the people that work there.  So welcoming. So helpful. Our first days here I would walk up to Huanacaxtle just to have them confirm that I was heading in the right direction on the bus and that I had the correct bus stop info.

J.C., Alex, Oliver, Abril, and the owner, Manuel, became a little family to me while staying here.  I had hoped to attend my final Karaoke night the Thursday before my departure home for a farewell to La Cruz and my new friends.  Unfortunately, we had to go back to Paradise Village on Thursday morning and so we’d be too far for me to attend the weekly fun fest.  I was very sad and booed at Dave numerous times.

We went into town last Tuesday, April 25th (which, by the way, was my Dad’s birthday, so I’m attributing the drunkenness to a celebration of my dad’s bday. I’m sticking to this story…) for the last time.  First stop – Huanacaxtle Bar and Cafe, of course! Happy hour Chopes are the best way to end a day.  As we’ve sadly realized lately, we were the only cruisers in there.  There just aren’t very many people around anymore.  But the owner’s family was there enjoying dinner. 

I told Alex and Oliver, our usual waitress and waiter, that it would be my last night in town and I was sad that I was going to miss the Karaoke on Thursday.  Oliver told me to come back later tonight and join his family singing Karaoke. He said it was just going to be them but that we’d be very welcome to join.


Oliver and his cousin bustin out a song.

So we went and ate at our usual taco stand for the last time (Tacos de Lena) and then walked back over to Huanacaxtle for a final chope and a song.  Of course it turned into seven chopes (between the two of us…we weren’t that crazy) and quite a few songs.  Oliver even got me up to sing a Spanish song.  It had a pretty simple tune and gringo-friendly wording, so Oliver just whispered it into my ear and I sang.  It probably wasn’t very good, but everyone made us feel like family and (at least pretended to) loved every minute.

IMG_0017   IMG_0019

Alex, me and Oliver (L); the final bill (that’s in Pesos, so it’s like less than $10 USD for the evening).  Nice parting words from Alex.  (R)

Goodbye Wanna-cocktail…I mean, Huanacaxtle.  Love you guys!



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