Welcome to Paradise

As I posted here, we docked Camanoe for a little while a couple weeks ago, had a brief stint back in the La Cruz anchorage, and now we’re back in a slip at Paradise Village.  It’s pretty nice to be out of the rolly anchorage, able to hop off and on the boat as I please and take a quick walk to the store, the shower, the pool and pretty much anything else I need.

Thought I’d give you a little pictorial of what we’re enjoying here in Paradise.

Paradise Village 048

Two crocodile (cocodrilos!) slide pools. Very cool. VERY FAST.

Paradise Village 041

It’s sort of a Disney-fied Aztec architecture scheme, but still nice to look at.

Paradise Village 012   Paradise Village 014

They have a little bird habitat on the grounds.  I wish the birds had more space to fly around though; it’s a pretty tiny cage for about a half dozen birds.

Paradise Village 011   Paradise Village 009

Next door to the birds is a tiger habitat.  Diego and Daisy mostly sleep the day away, but sometimes you’ll catch them prowling around the fence line.  Don’t get too close though – they’ll come right up to the bars and sniff ya!

Paradise Village 027   Paradise Village 028

Trees every where with low hanging coconuts, bananas and mangos.  We haven’t picked any yet, but we kinda want to.

Paradise Village 005

Oh yeah – and it wouldn’t be paradise without a good lounge chair out on the beach soaking up the sun.




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