Cruising Cuisine – Pressure Cooker Chili

Dave and I were craving chili the other day, but you can’t purchase cans of pre-made chili in Mexico like you can back home (and if you can find some Hormel or something similar, it’s ridiculously expensive), so we decided to make our own using our pressure cooker (PC from here on out).  We looked online for an easy recipe and kind of used bits and pieces of different recipes based on what we had in our pantry.

We didn’t have kidney beans, so we found a recipe that called for black beans.  But then we realized we didn’t have any canned black beans, just dry beans.  So we had to pressure cook the black beans first for about 20 minutes (8-10 minutes to bring the PC up to pressure and then an additional 10-12 minutes of cook time).

CruisingCuisine 016 

From there we took the beans out of the PC and browned some ground beef in the PC.  Once browned we removed the meat and added it to the beans that were cooling on the side.  Then we added in onion, garlic and bell peppers till they were soft (this is a whole other discussion, but Dave thinks you can leave in the bell pepper seeds. I told him it won’t kill you, but they’re bitter and ruin the texture of what you’re making.  Debating ensued…I won…I think.)

CruisingCuisine 021   CruisingCuisine 022

Brown meat; remove (top); saute onion, garlic, bell peppers (san seeds) :-p (bottom).

Next into the PC was a can of tomato paste.  At this point we also added in something like three tablespoons of red pepper flakes, a good couple shakes of ground cumin, and a little chili powder.  Get all that mixed together well and warmed and then add back in the ground beef and black beans.

CruisingCuisine 025   CruisingCuisine 026

Tomato paste, seasonings (top); add back in the beans and meat (bottom).

We didn’t have any cans of diced tomatoes, but we had fresh ones, so Dave cut up three tomatoes into pretty good-sized chunks and tossed those in.  We thought a can of corn would also go with this concoction, but lo and behold, after months of me saying, “We have SOOOO many cans of corn!”, we finally ran out of canned corn and couldn’t add it in.  Not too bummed; we’ve been noticing ears of corn at the local markets recently, so we may just have to start eating fresh corn on the cob now that the cans are gone!

CruisingCuisine 032

Add in tomatoes and then mix well.  Final look before the lid went on.

Next, we closed the lid, brought the PC up to pressure on a high flame and let it do it’s thing for about 35 minutes.

CruisingCuisine 035

Close ‘er up!

This might not be the most gourmet chili, but we thought it turned out pretty good.  There wasn’t much kick, so we probably should have added more chili powder or if we’d had a green pepper on board I would have added that in.  We did have some leftover pico de gallo that I’d made a couple days prior that had a pepper in it, so we just dumped that into the pot as well and hoped some of the pepper would kick in for the chili.  This recipe made so much food that we ate chili for three dinners in a row!  At that’s saying a lot because one of us eats A LOT…

This paired really well with Dave’s home-made pressure-cooker bread, which we’ll have to give the recipe for later.

CruisingCuisine 010

Dave’s pressure-cooker bread; fresh outta the pressure cooker!  SO big!

Eatin’ good here on Camano!

CruisingCuisine 037


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