Tacos in the Backyard Forms a Band

Have I mentioned Tacos in the Backyard yet?  (Not to be confused with Tacos in the Street.)  Tacos in the Backyard is our nickname for a little backyard taco stand called “Tacos de Lena.”  (Funnier…friends on s/v Deep Playa said they call Tacos de Lena, “Tacos in the Barnyard.”  Same difference.)

We found this little gem through friends on s/v Bella Star and s/v Ventured.  Best. Recommendation. Ever.

La Cruz 076

“Tacos de Lena” – AKA – Tacos in the Backyard – with s/vs Bella Star, Ventured and Jace last month.

They serve tacos for 10 pesos. That’s less than a $1 USD per taco.  We each have four to five tacos, plus GRANDE beers for under $10 USD total for the two of us.  Best. Place. Ever.

We’ve been there often; at least a couple times a week since we got to La Cruz.  We’ve made friends with owner Pedro. His daughter recognizes me when we see each other out and about in La Cruz.  Small town. Gotta love it.

So we took s/v Navigo there for our last dinner out in La Cruz since they hadn’t been there yet.  It was everything we promised them and more.  The tacos were the usual yummy, cheapo goodness.  We were enjoying the evening when all of a sudden a van showed up outside the backyard fence and locals with various instruments started piling out.

“Che es esto??”, we asked Pedro.  He said something in Spanish, but we couldn’t figure out what his reply was.  The cerveza he was sipping might have had something to do with the translation problem.

La Cruz 205

Anyway, drums, a guitar, an accordion and a tuba start to jam in the backyard.  Pedro sees how much we’re enjoying the music and tells the tuba player to go out to our table and serenade us.

La Cruz 203 

He does.

Soon there’s dancing and then the locals also eating there invite us gringos to dance with them.  I tell Camelia I’ll go if she goes. We march right up to the band and then they make us dance in the middle of their circle.  Um….we didn’t want to be the center of attention.  But it’s all in good fun. 

I ask Pedro in broken Spanglesh…”Celebration?  Um…Feliz…???”  And he says, “Si, si!  Mi amiga!” And points to a table of girls nearby.  One girl yells, “Mi cumpleanos!”  So I started singing “Happy Birthday” in Spanish, except, I know it in Italian better and kept getting “te” mixed up with “tu.”  Oops

I asked her…”Venti Uno?”  She looked about 25, but thought I’d play it safe and ask her if she was 21.  Thank God I did! She was turning 22.  Oops.

We tell Pedro goodbye, promising we’ll return in “un mes” (one month).  I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to find a better taco place. We’ll be leaving for Yelapa and towns south soon, so we figured that night was a great way to end our time in La Cruz. 


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