Puerto Vallarta Photos

Now that friends on s/v Charisma have joined us in La Cruz, we’ve had more reasons to go explore Bandares Bay.  Well, I haven’t needed reasons, but with friends along to explore it’s easier to convince the Capt to abandon his projects for a day for some tourist fun.

Charisma posted a great entry on their blog about our PV adventure…I’m feeling bummish today and will just post pics…so take a look at the story HERE and enjoy the visual story below. 🙂

All photos are also posted up on my Flickr page (see column to the right >——->——->)

_Puerto Vallarta 002

Huichol artist (pronounced Witch-hol) at the open market in downtown Puerto Vallarta.  Beautiful pieces where the artist sews each little bead one at a time to create wonderful patterns and designs.

_Puerto Vallarta 026

Lunch break: Bob from s/v Charisma with one of the quesadillas we bought from a street vendor. Came with full pieces of green onions.  So delicious, and no one wanted to sit next to us on the bus.

_Puerto Vallarta 030  _Puerto Vallarta 058   _Puerto Vallarta 063  _Puerto Vallarta 072   _Puerto Vallarta 108   _Puerto Vallarta 081

Malecon statues.  Each one very unique.

_Puerto Vallarta 088   _Puerto Vallarta 093

One of the churches we checked out. 

_Puerto Vallarta 049  _Puerto Vallarta 051  _Puerto Vallarta 054   _Puerto Vallarta 057

Here’s what’s happening here; five guys climb up a tall pole so one guy can play his flute while the other four fall off the pole backwards and spin downwards until their rope unravels and drops them to the ground below.  What??

_Puerto Vallarta 115   _Puerto Vallarta 116

Suspension bridges over the Rio Cuale.  More seasick here than on the boat.

_Puerto Vallarta 121  _Puerto Vallarta 122

The empty bus and our bus driver.  Something got lost in translation and we ended up very far from where we wanted to be.  See Charisma’s post for the full story.

All in all…a great day exploring Puerto Vallarta!


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