More Canvas Projects

At some point I’ll have to get Dave to write a post about all the projects he’s been hard at work finishing, but for now, you just get my little canvas project updates. 

So, besides the lee cloth curtains I made for every open shelf in the galley/salon area, I’ve also been sewing up some interesting canvas covers.

I say “interesting” because I have no idea what I’m doing.  Dave can think of something that he wants to make and just go and make it, while I need some sort of instruction, preferably, someone showing me how to do it and then I can usually replicate the steps.  This is not the case with our canvas projects.  Dave says, “Hey, we need a cover for our hatch doors,” or, “Hey, can you make some pockets that we can keep fruit in?”  And then I sit in front of the sewing machine until I pull my hair out and hope some sort of inspiration comes to me.  Usually Dave steps in and gives me an idea of how HE’D do it and then I’m off and running until I hit a snag and tell Dave how stupid the project is and pull out more hair and then we figure it out together.

I know, I’m so attractive.

Anyway, my recent canvas project for the hatch doors came out pretty good. We call it the pizza box because it looks like a Dominoe’s Pizza delivery man’s pizza holder.

Hatch Holder 009

Pre hatch holder area.  See how the hatch doors are just stacked one on top of the other, scratching both themselves and the boat?  No bueno.

Hatch Holder 012

Post hatch holder.  Now everything has a protected place.

Hatch Holder 006

Finished product before securing to the boat.  Trying to figure out how to get the middle sleeve in there was a pain in the butt.

My latest project was finished just this past weekend.  A fruit holder of sorts.  We already have a fruit hammock that hangs in the salon, but for Dave’s upcoming long crossing we’ll have to stock up the galley with fruits and veggies that last for a while.  For example, onions, citrus fruits and potatoes.  The problem is that onions and potatoes can’t mix. Something about the gases they emit make them age faster.  So we wanted to create a fruit holder that would separate certain items that shouldn’t be near each other.

Projects 006  Projects 004


Of course, it took a while to get to “Voila!” but it’s not too shabby.  Well, except for some of the crooked seams, to which Dave asked, “Are they really noticeable?”  To which I replied, “Not as long as you keep your eyes closed.”


2 thoughts on “More Canvas Projects

  1. They look great! You did a wonderful job and should be very proud. Who cares if the lines are straight as no one will be looking at the seams. Keep up the good work. It gets easier every time you complete a project. Hugs!

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