La Cruz Moments (in Brief)

As I mentioned in my long post about being long-term cruisers in La Cruz, we love it here, and yet, at the end of the day, I don’t feel like there’s anything that I NEED to blog about.  It’s all enjoyable and when I think back on all our taco outings and late nights at Huanacaxtle Bar and various amusing happenings around town, it makes me realize that I SHOULD be posting these random thoughts.  If not for your entertainment, at least for my own benefit when I’m back to normal life and want to remember our wonderful time here.

In no particular order…here are some of our most fun times.

Huanacaxtle Bar and Cafe Fun:
Every Thursday night is live music followed by karaoke at our favorite local spot, Huanacaxtle Bar and Cafe.  We’ve gone a couple of times while here in La Cruz but for some reason, two weeks ago (also s/v Charisma’s first night in town) they announced that the karaoke would be a contest with some sort of prize at the end (I never figured out what the prize actually was).  We were with s/v Charisma as well as s/v Journey and had a great time singing and laughing and of course, drinking their cheap draft beer.  Tami from s/v Journey and I were chosen as two out of the dozen finalists (basically, anyone that sang became a finalist).  In order to chose the winner they had all the finalists sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” together while the karaoke host stuck a mic in our faces throughout the song.  It was both ridiculous and very fun.  Neither Tami nor I won the contest, but we had a good time anyway.

La Cruz 090  La Cruz 091

Huanacaxtle also has a weekly all you can eat buffet on Saturdays with live, local music.  We hadn’t planned to drop in, but after some cocktails aboard Charisma and dinghying to shore, I had to use the bano and Huanacaxtle was very convenient.  I stopped in and when I left the bathroom our clan had already decided that the buffet and music was a better option than the taco place we had originally set out for.  What a night.  Live music turned into dancing, turned into a conga line, turned into a “play along with the band with these random percussion instruments.”  The two margaritas per person included with our buffet dinner didn’t have anything to do with the fun at all.

La Cruz 105   La Cruz 140 La Cruz 131  La Cruz 119

(Top to bottom) The band at Huanacaxtle Bar…yes, that’s a harp; Dave shaking it; Conga dancing with Charisma bringing up the tail end; Oliver from Huanacaxtle with another round of margaritas for Ann and me.

Free Cocos

These pictures just say everything.

La Cruz 093  La Cruz 095  La Cruz 096 La Cruz 097

Ash Wednesday:

Being good Catholics, Ann from s/v Charisma and I went to the La Cruz church last Wednesday to get our ashes.  We had been told that there would be masses at 8am and 8pm or you can just go to an ash service either at 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm or 3pm.  We got to the noon service about 5 minutes late and noticed that there were only a handful of people in the pews and all of them already had ashes on their foreheads.  Did we miss the whole service???  That didn’t seem right, so we just sat in the pews for a couple minutes to see if maybe the last service had gone long and the next one just hadn’t started yet.  Then a mother and her two small children came in the church and went straight up to the alter, bowed and then proceeded to administer their own ashes.  You ash yourself?!?!  Ok, we thought. So Ann and I got up, blessed each other with the typical “Remember you are dust and from dust you shall return,” and applied the ashes.  Quickest Ash Wednesday service I’ve ever been to.

La Cruz 147

Ash Wednesday…help yourself.


There’s a sweet dog that roams the streets near the Huanacaxtle and Ana Banana bars.  Last night we stopped at Ana’s for a couple beers and to listen to the rockin’ band.  Lo and behold here comes the cute dog.  He followed us back to the dinghy dock that night and we sadly left him behind.  Dave and I want a dog.  If this one keeps coming around, we may just have to persuade him into the dinghy and up into Camanoe (although this could prove difficult since he doesn’t respond to any commands whether in English or Spanish).  We don’t know if he already has a name, but we’ve nicknamed him Hecho.  What’s “hecho” you ask?  It means “made.”  As in, he’s made in Mexico. 

La Cruz 155

Siéntese Hecho. Siéntese. Buen Perro.

I’ve got a couple more of these random stories…more to come.


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