Laundry on Camanoe

I think this is the most often asked question among both cruisers and landlubbers.  How do you do laundry on the boat??

We were lucky to have a launderia in Marina Mazatlan to do our big stuff – sheets, towels, blankets, comforter.  It wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t too much more to have someone else take care of the laundry instead of using the old, decrepit do-it-yourself washing machine in the Marina Mazatlan’s cruising lounge. 

Because launderettes or launderias are too few and far between, we often just hand wash on the boat. It takes a good amount of our fresh water supply, but if we’re in an anchorage where we can make water, or a marina where we can get water from a hose, then we’ll just wash our little hearts out.  Here’s how it goes…

La Paz 026

Take a bucket and a plunger (aka…cruiser’s washing machine),

La Paz 025

Find an enthusiastic helper,

La Paz 027

and plunge away.  Ring the items dry, rinse them in a fresh water bath, ring again and then throw out of the hatch where another helper will hang the items on the lifelines to dry in the sunshine and breeze.

We can usually do about two or three bucketfuls before the lines are full and the clothespins are all used.  We’ll typically do two or three days of laundry duty before we’ve got everything cleaned again.

It’s a process…but so is everything out here.

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