Mazatlan Sights

Mazatlan is beautiful.  It’s what I guess we envisioned Mexico to be like.  The vibrant colors, the rugged landscape, the friendly locals and palm trees….lots of palm trees.

For the holidays, the Plaza de la Republica, the town square in the middle of old town was all decked out for the season. Complete with nativity scene and live barn animals like goats and donkeys and chickens.

_Mazatlan 009   _Mazatlan 017

_Mazatlan 019  _Mazatlan 005

North pole and Nativity fun in the Plaza de la Republica.  Brought to you by Coca-Cola…we think that’s why the donkey wanted Dave’s coke.

In the center of town is the Catedral Basilica Cathedral.  It’s beautiful, golden towers act as a great landmark when roaming around the mercado. 

_Mazatlan 002

Just a few blocks away is a peaceful square called the Machado. It’s a park surrounded on all sides by sidewalk cafes.  It was so colorful and peaceful that I could have imagined myself sitting in that square every day with a book or a newspaper and just people watching and enjoying the serenity.

_Mazatlan 2012 110   _Mazatlan 2012 114

_Mazatlan 2012 116   _Mazatlan 2012 112

A few blocks more from the Machado towards the ocean is the long Malacon called Olas Altas, lined with unique sculptures and beautiful views of the ocean.

_Mazatlan 2012 099   _Mazatlan 2012 102

_Mazatlan 2012 088

Everything is fairly close together in Mazatlan, although you can easily hop on a bus or hail a taxi to take you to and from various sights.  Dave and I had quite a trek one day, starting with a hike up to the lighthouse  (El Faro on Cerro del Creston), which has about 300 stairs…

_Mazatlan 2012 062   _Mazatlan 2012 069   _Mazatlan 2012 077

…which leads up to a panoramic view of Mazatlan.

From the lighthouse we hiked back down and started along the Olas Altas walk, then into the Merchado and THEN to the Mercado in the middle of old town.  Basically, we put ourselves on a forced march through Mazatlan to make sure we saw all the sights.  It was totally worth it.  I feel like we can leave here knowing we saw and did it all.

_Mazatlan 2012 023


One thought on “Mazatlan Sights

  1. Sounds like my first trip. I wanted2 c it all. I was blessed to have relations with locals being n the ministry. To go up into the villages where there is no running water, paved roads, medical assistance, stores or public transportation. Where the people are the most friendliest, humbled,warm welcoming people I’ve ever seen in my life. Fishing trips or just a relaxing boat ride that the tourist will never get 2 c. So much 2 share but my words could never express the experience u will recieve of u got with the right people. This is my 5th time here, I’m working on building a church. I pastor in San Diego.i pray that u and Dave will be given another opportunity to come back 4 a real Matzatlan experience. May the Lord bless u and thanks 4 letting me share.

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