This is Marley:

_Mazatlan 2012 014

Marley resides at the little beach where Pizza Benji’s is located.  He roams around all day, greeting the cruisers who land their dinghies on the calm beach, hikes up Isla los Chivos to bark at the infamous Mazatlan goats, chases the field chickens and rooster that surround Benji’s (never catches, just chases) and basically acts as mayor of this small cove.  Marley has a good life.

_Mazatlan 2012 003

View from Pizzas Benji’s.  The small beach is where all the cruisers leave their dinghies and Nic from Benji’s “watches” them.

The first time we met Marley, we thought it was pretty cool that he went on a walk with us.  He didn’t follow us, he just sort of led the way, like “here’s the water taxi stop….and up here is the other beach…oh and here’s a truck that shouldn’t be on my road…BARK BARK BARK!”

_Mazatlan 2012 017

Walking on Marley’s road.

We asked Nic from Benji’s what Marley’s story was.  From what we could make out in our Spanglish, Marley was a pup of an American dog that came to Mazatlan. Marley was left behind.  He stayed on his little beach until one day when a cruising couple fell for Marley and brought him back to their boat. After one day of Marley, they returned him to Benji’s.  Marley is a free spirit. We can’t imagine anyone being able to own him.

_Mazatlan 2012 035

Sunset with Marley in the lead.

We noticed on our walks with Marley that he would bark a lot at the locals.  Friends on s/v Deep Playa told us that they asked Nic and he said that Marley only likes Gringos.

_Mazatlan 2012 044

It’s probably because we give him coconuts.

Good dog Marley, good dog.

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