Cabo to Bahia Los Frailes

We left Thursday, November 10th with the idea of stopping at San Jose Del Cabo about 25 miles NE of Cabo San Lucus.  We trailed the dinghy behind us being too lazy to hoist it back up onto the bow.  We easily got to the next marina by about noon and decided that we’d made such good time, that we should just head on up to the next anchorage (Bahia Los Frailes) about another 20 miles away and save ourselves $50. 

I laugh at this now because we should have known.  Every time while sailing down the California coast that we’ve had the option to stop for the day but decided to continue on has been…let’s just say, not fun.  The “everything is breaking” sail into Monterey comes to mind. But….moving on. 

We motored on anyway without a second thought.  But as the afternoon winds picked up and the swells started breaking over the bow spraying us and everything in the cockpit, I started to realize that we’d been really stupid. We should have at least stopped and raised the dinghy, because with every wave I was looking back expecting to see our poor, little dinghy upside down or sinking under a wave. 

We were still making okay time, but we also forgot to figure in that while the official sunset is about 6pm, it really starts to get dark around 4:30pm.  Not the best when you’re looking to enter and anchor in an unfamiliar place.

We pulled into Los Frailes with dinghy intact around 7pm and was met by the anchor lights of other Ha-Ha-ers as well as a much needed flat anchorage. We spent the next morning cleaning up the boat, washing down the salt-covered windows and dodger and just giving ourselves a chance, as Dave says, to “unwind from our unwinding.”  Eventually we headed to shore to check out the beach. There’s not much to Los Frailes.  We didn’t check out the hotel or the restaurant we read about in our guidebooks, but we did see the RV camp up on the beach and all the palapas that look like they’d be a nice, shady spot if you wanted a full on beach day.  We chatted with some of the other Ha-Ha-ers on the radio and made a plan to take the two mile walk over the hill to go to Pulmo Reef, the only hard coral reef in the Sea of Cortez.

Unfortunately, I had a crick in my neck for a few days and it still wasn’t much better the morning we were supposed to go to the reef, so Dave went on the adventure without me along with friends on s/v Charisma, s/v Allegria and s/v Dos Lios.  I’ll have to have him tell his side of that story in another post, but they had quite the experience getting to and from the reef.

While they were gone I just relaxed and tried to sleep but the swells into Los Frailes really picked up and it was like I was riding a bucking bronco all day.  By the time Dave returned from snorkeling at the reef, we were just hoping to get through the night and get the heck out of that anchorage first thing in the morning.  Apparently the one night and day of calm wasn’t the norm around these parts.

Next stop: Ensenada de los Muertos



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