Cabo is hot. Stifling. That, plus our exhaustion after a twelve day trip did not make me want to jump up and wander around the town. We needed to deal with customs and get Nick and Michele to the airport Saturday morning.  There was another Ha-Ha party plus the awards ceremony Saturday night (Nov 5th).

We gave in and got a marina slip in Cabo for $65 USD for Friday night so we could charge up the boat batteries as well as our own body batteries with showers, laundry and a calm, non-rolling home for one night.  We cleaned up the boat and then eventually made ourselves head out into the town to shop, site-see and eat a little authentic food.  Nick and Michele treated us to a good-bye dinner at a nice place called “Mi Casa.” 

HaHa 295

Next morning we got more cleaning done, got the crew packed (and sadly said goodbye 😦 )and then went and got our filed paperwork from customs.  Dave and I decided to go to more flea markets in the area just to see what was around. Dave’s much better at bartering than I am. I tend to just keep walking when we’re approached by people with items to sell or timeshares to discuss. Sometimes I give a polite, yet, curt “No, gracias,” but then I keep walking. Dave doesn’t want to appear rude, so we got stopped a lot. Or I’ll keep walking and have to come back for him.  People here are very nice, but they’ll talk your ear off about what they have to sell you until they wear you down. I’m not so easily swayed.  I don’t care if they think I’m a bitchy tourist.  I’ll know what I want when I see it.  This is a pretty big tourist area, so I’m looking forward to heading up into the Sea of Cortez and finding smaller, more authentic Mexican towns.  Cabo has become Vegas, complete with huge resorts and strip malls boasting Cartier and Hermes neon signs.  Kind a a turn off for me.

Awards ceremony Saturday night was hosted by the Cabo Marina with free beer and soft drinks and some DJ-ed music.  Everyone in each division “wins” a hand-painted wooden fish and a free Latitude 38 magazine (they’re always free, but beside the point).  Each division has a first place and a second place winner and then everyone else in the division comes in third.  There are lots of thirds.

Although we sailed the entire trip, I figured, due to how slow we were on each leg, that we’d get a third place finish with a mention of our sailing all three legs.  And even when they announced that our friends (and direct competition) on s/v Charisma came in second place in our division, I assumed that they’d just skipped our names for third place, but then they announced Camanoe for FIRST PLACE.  Crazy, crazy! So excited!  Charisma gave us big hugs and congrats.  We won the painted fish with a first-place blue ribbon attached PLUS a winner’s green t-shirt.  But the bragging rights are really quite priceless.

HaHa 303   HaHa 304

Baja Ha-Ha Survivor certificate (L) and Capt Dave with our 1st place, blue-ribbon fishy. (R)

We haven’t been able to call our crew or email them yet that we got first place, so if you guys are reading it here, CONGRATS! and THANK YOU!!! There’s absolutely no way we could have done it without you.  No other crew was as awesome as you and we can’t wait to hang out again when we’re back to normal life.

So….now what?  Well, Dave and I have rested, we’ve cleaned the boat, we’ve worked on small projects and we’re ready to hit the sea.  The high prices of Cabo are getting old fast, so we’re looking to head up to La Paz in the next couple of days.  We plan to be up there for Thanksgiving, but after that…we’ll just have to wait and see which way the winds blow.

HaHa 158

5 thoughts on “Cabo

    • It’s hard to fathom being in cold weather right now. Hard to wrap my mind around it being Thanksgiving (US) next week and I’ll probably be wearing a swimsuit to the potluck in La Paz.

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