Ha-Ha: Leg 3

We were pretty anxious to get to Cabo by the time leg three started on Wednesday, November 2nd. Well, I’m speaking for myself.  The legs were getting shorter and I was still having a good time, but I was also just ready to get to civilization and rest.  We really needed one more day for each leg since we were so much slower than the rest of the fleet.  Slow and steady is great, until you just want to be there all ready.

HaHa 226

Another beautiful sunrise start.

Pretty uneventful leg for us. We had power, so we got Robbie the auto pilot back and the XM radio. 

The winds were much lighter this leg; sometimes not even able to keep the spinnaker full.  We wanted to stay as close to our course as possible (basically, trying to do the shortest line between points A and B as we could), but sometimes the wind would take us more east than south or more south than east. Figured we’d make it all up when the winds came back…if they came back.

We talked with fellow, back of the pack boat, s/v Panache late in the afternoon to see how they were doing just a couple miles in front of us. They said they were hoping to sail the whole leg just like us but that they were losing their resolve.  We promised each other that we’d keep trying to sail until midnight and then if the winds didn’t pick up that we’d all motor. OR, if one boat decided to motor before the other that the motoring boat would tow the sailing boat. 😉

We made up some dinner and decided to deal with the lack of wind by moving the TV into the cockpit and watching “Friends with Benefits.”  Halfway through the movie Dave realized that the winds had picked back up and that the spinnaker was filling up. Whoo!  We sailed until morning, passing the leg three and final finish line of the Baja Ha-Ha around 4am.  By 9am we’d pulled into the Cabo marina and tied up just in time to announce to the morning fleet report that Camanoe had sailed the entire trip!

HaHa 279

Camanoe rounding Cabo Falso and heading into the Cabo Marina near the famous Lover’s Arc

More to come about Cabo and the end of the Ha-Ha festivities in the next post!

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