Halloween…a week early

We had an awesome kick off to the Baja Ha-Ha rally today at the kick-off party at the San Diego West Marine.  Some pretty creative costumes, delicious food (tacos and all the fixin’s) and meeting more awesome sailors just like us.  It was quite an event for this year’s “Barely Legal” Ha-Ha>

_Costume Party 002   _Costume Party 082  _Costume Party 004   _Costume Party 054

(Clockwise from the Top Left:  Popeye, Vallejo Vikings, TinkerBell, and Birds Flying South.)

Our crew came up with the idea to be Team Zissou from the movie “Life Aquatic.”  While we think a lot of the people at the party didn’t get our costumes, the people who did (including a lot of passing cars while we walked to and from the party along a busy Rosecrans St.) thought we looked awesome and should have won a prize.

_Costume Party 003

Click for a larger version…we had all the details down…

But, alas, we lost to the team dressed like Baywatch.  But mostly we lost to boobs and bush

_Costume Party 027

All costume photos are up on Flickr.  Definitely check them out

We leave at 1100 tomorrow; so don’t expect much posting for another two weeks.  I’ll try to keep up while we’re under way, but I won’t be able to physically post until we’re situated somewhere and can get  WiFi.  Send us good thoughts for smooth sailing!


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