Whale Videos!

As promised a few posts ago…whale videos are finally up on my YouTube page.  See below – hope the embedding works this time! Otherwise, each title is linked to where it is on YouTube.



Whales 1


Whales 2


Three Reminders:

I’m not drunk, just on a boat, so that’s why none of the videos are in any way steady or clear.

I’m trying to watch the whales as I’m recording, so that’s also why none of the videos are steady.

Please disregard any of my comments. I am a dork.




4 thoughts on “Whale Videos!

  1. yeah, awesome music from An Officer and a Gentleman 😛 Cool videos with the whales, makes me miss Malibu where I used to go rock climbing during med school!!
    hope things are better with the sea sickness, aside from that looks like a pretty good trip so far!!
    Be safe in Mexico!!!!!

    – Boom

    • Hey Zach! Nice running into you as well. Saw you at the Pacific Puddle Jump seminar tonight – didn’t get a chance to say hey, but we’ll definitely see you at the costume party tomorrow. We’ll be the four Team Zissou crew members! 🙂

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