Oceanside, CA

I’m beginning to think that I’m causing the non-existent wind patterns.  When I was taking my classes at OCSC in Berkeley, the wind would always fade away as soon we I hit the bay.  I was a curse!

Poor Dave. All he wants to do is sail (instead of motor), but it really just isn’t working out to our advantage.  We tried to sail out of Dana Point.  There seemed to be wind.  But as soon as we left the harbor, whatever wind was there completely died.  We attempted the spinnaker sail again now that we have a proper whisker pole (thanks to Dave’s multiple trips to Minney’s in Newport Beach), but we were barely making a knot.  So down it came and we turned on the motor again.

Our friends on S/V Way She Goes had to hurry and get to San Diego for work stuff, so we sadly bid them farewell and hope to meet up again either in San Diego in a few days, or, if not, we’ll try to meet down in Mexico at some point.  S/V Navigo stayed with us and followed us to Oceanside.  They were a good mile or so behind and seemed to be able to catch what little wind there was.  Bob radioed to us that he was making about 3 kts with his spinnaker.  We thought about raising our spinnaker again, but at that point we spotted the break water leading into Oceanside marina, so we figured there was no point and just motored the rest of the way in.

Oceanside yacht club has a nice dock in the marina that we were able to tie up to and Navigo rafted up next to us.  With power, water, hot showers, WiFi and laundry facilities, it was like a resort!  All for free because of our yacht club membership.

IMG_0639   IMG_0641

Dave did a bunch of projects on the boat while I handled the laundry and called my family…I’ll see if I can get him to write a post about what he’s been up to.

Today we took a LONG walk with Bob and Camelia over to the Oceanside Pier.  It’s supposedly one of the longest wooden piers in  California.  Dave and I thought the Berkeley Pier was MUCH longer, but there were some entertaining sites along Oceanside’s pier.

IMG_0659  IMG_0664   IMG_0647

We had a very nice time wandering around the city.  We stopped in at some various thrift stores and Bob found a music store where he bought a new Ukulele.  I’ve been helping him with his music theory and as soon as I finish this post I’m going to go next door and see how he’s doing tuning up the new toy and see if he’s learned any new notes.


Bob from S/V Navigo with his new Ukulele. And a Hawaiian print shirt bought at one of the stores we went to.  Fun times!

Tomorrow we’re bound for Mission Bay (just north of San Diego) where we plan to stay for a day or two before heading to San Diego until the Ha-Ha festivities begin.  Wish us luck and some good wind tomorrow!!


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