Redondo Beach, CA – Kings Harbor

(Sept 28) We left Pt. Dume for Redondo Beach around 9am.  We sailed out of Paradise Cove and spent about an hour sailing in light winds before giving in and motoring for a bit.  The entire trip only took about five, five & 1/2 hours, so I don’t remember when we started sailing again, but eventually we were able to put the sails back out and close-reached, making about 4-5 kts.  Dave had us take the mainsail down as we came up to the marina but we kept the headsail up and we were able to sail all the way into King’s Harbor and up to the yacht club guest dock where we tied up.

_Redondo Beach 004  _Redondo Beach 006

KHYC exterior (L) and the view of Camanoe in the Kings Harbor anchorage from the yacht club dock (R). Super short dinghy row!

Beautiful facilities at the KHYC.  We got to dock for free for the first night and then could anchor just outside the yacht club for free for the next few days while I headed home.  With free WiFi and a nice, calm anchorage, we were in heaven. 

I headed home for the next four days and Dave hung out on the boat working on the engine, watermaker, and various other projects that would require him to take apart the boat.  Perfect timing for me to go home!

I returned on Oct 2nd, the same day our Canadian friends on “Navigo” and “Way She Goes” came sailing into Redondo from their time at the Santa Barbara Islands.  So nice to catch up with them and share some dinners and stories and board games nights for the next couple of evenings.

_Redondo Beach 005

Navigo” and “Way She Goes” in Redondo Beach.  Can’t get rid of those Canucks! (Not that we’d want to) 🙂

At this point we don’t feel rushed to get down the coast anymore.  We don’t have to be in San Diego for another couple of weeks so we can take our time and explore different marinas.  We walked up to the Redondo Pier and spent a couple bucks on street tacos from a hole in the wall joint and enjoyed ourselves at the pier arcade where we skee-balled our way into winning a snazzy frisbee. haha.  

_Redondo Beach 013  _Redondo Beach 015

We’ll post all the pics up on Flickr as soon as we have fast enough WiFi. 


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