San Simeon to Pt. Conception/Cojo Anchorage

(Sept 22) After a couple of days in San Simeon in one of the worst anchorages, we were happy to head south toward Morro Bay.  The Morro Bay Yacht Club let us tie up to their dock for $20, which was well worth it to me so we didn’t have to spend another night rolling around like we did in San Simeon.  We were also able to do some laundry at the yacht club and take a short walk over to the Cookie Crock grocery store.  We were docked next to our new cruising friends that we met up in Monterey and saw again in San Simeon; Bob and Camelia on “Navigo” and Wayne and Sheila on “Way She Goes.”  They’ve been cruising down from Canada and plan to head to Cabo and then up into the Sea of Cortez just like we plan (although, they’re not doing the Ha-Ha Rally).  It’s been very nice getting to meet other cruisers and talking about travel plans and sailing woes.

_Coast pics 070

Morro Bay rock – Entrance into Morro Bay Harbor.  Dave calls it “Bird Poop Rock.”

The next morning (Sept 23) we headed towards Port San Luis about 17 miles down the coast.  Another motoring day unfortunately. We were happy for the sunshine, but the winds were so light that it made more sense to motor.  Took us about 4 1/2 hours.  Dave fiddled with the watermaker all the way down trying to figure out why we’re getting a plastic taste and bad smell when we use it (our tanks were topped off at Morro Bay, so we had plenty of drinking water, but we will really need the watermaker in Mexico, so best to fix it now).

We rowed to the San Luis Obispo Pier for an ice cream cone and we found that they were having a farmer’s market with lots of food booths and a live band called the California Celts.  Dave and I are having a disagreement about how to say the band’s name.  I think they’re going for the alliteration of California Celts (with a hard K sound on Celts) and Dave thinks it’s Celts with an S sound like Selts.  We’re open to opinions on this one.  Anyway, it was very entertaining and we walked up one of the cliffside drives to admire the houses and the great view of the ocean.

_Coast pics 082   _Coast pics 087

Bright and early the next morning (Sept 24) we continued our journey south towards Pt. Conception where we planned to anchor just around the bend at Cojo,  Dave has sailed around the point three other times and always had crappy weather and massive waves to deal with…this time around was oddly flat with no winds and no waves, so we motored around the point.  This was one of our first times pulling out the auto pilot…we’re calling him Robby.  He did well, but I still sat out and watched the horizon a majority of the day to keeps us from running over random kelp beds.



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