Hanging Out in Monterey

We’re still not completely sure what happened with the engine or depth sounder Friday night, but Dave was able to get both working yesterday, so we’ll head down to Pebble Beach today to get a small head start to the long trip down to San Simeon.

Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club (MPYC) was very welcoming when we rowed the dinghy over Thursday afternoon.  They were just finishing a race and the lady we spoke to (Kit) said we couldn’t keep our dinghy on their dock for the next half hour because they needed the space for the racers, but she helped Dave figure out a good place nearby to tie up and said she’d move us to the Yacht Club dock if necessary once the racers cleared.  We mentioned that we were trying to get to the Napa Auto Parts store about a mile and a half away before 5pm (it was about 4pm) and we were unsure if we’d be able to make it there in time by walking.  Without hesitation she pulled out her keys to a brand new Subaru and said, “You need a car?…Take mine…No problem.”  Just another example of how awesome it is to have reciprocal yacht club privileges. 

We ran by the auto parts store and got the hose Dave thought he needed for the engine issue and headed right back to the club.  Kit invited us to stay for the buffet dinner but we had our hearts on a clam chowder bread bowl from Fisherman’s Wharf.  We found a small picnic bench and table along the wharf and devoured our bowls.

Monterey 09-17-11 002


The warm, sunny, breezy day yesterday allowed us to get a big chunk of laundry done (yep, in a bucket with soap and water and then hanging out to dry on the lifelines).  Later in the afternoon we rowed the dinghy to the beach (mostly so I could escape the super rollie anchorage for a bit).  I think we did a pretty good job of landing the dinghy on the beach and then getting it back in the surf without too much of a mishap.  Just a little wet from a couple of rouge waves, but for our first attempt, we did pretty well.

Trying the passage today without the seasickness patch since it’s just a short cruise down the coast.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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