We’ve been working away here on Camanoe for the last couple of weeks tending to last-minute projects and stocking the galley and spares locker for our trip to San Diego. The Capt’ just had his last sail delivered (a 130/Genoa, which will be good in light wind) and we’re securing everything below to head out to our first stop in Sausalito. We’ll be stopping by List Marine for a last checkup on our YanMar engine before heading out of the gate (probably) Thursday morning. Our neighbor in the Berkeley Marina has offered to escort us out of the gate and take video of us under the Golden Gate Bridge – super sweet of him – we’ll see how early the Capt’ actually wants to leave and if our neighbor wants to go that far out of his way. Would be awesome to be able to post a video like that though….so we’ll see.

Instead of doing three different posts about our various projects, see Flickr link below to get an idea of what we’ve been up to.

Camanoe Projects:

2 thoughts on “Departure

  1. I just found your website. So happy you are blogging it! Pop some rigging or tangle a sail or do whatever it is the appropriate break-a-leg analogy might be for a boat. Looking forward to the stories!

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