How to Put a Boat Back in the Water

I’ve never been around when we’ve put Camanoe back in the water after being hulled out (although we’ve done it three times in the last year). However, this time I was front and center with my camera. Let’s just say that I was a little nervous. I don’t think I breathed the entire 10 minutes it took to secure her to the crane and get her back in the water. It was all quite smooth though…take a look at the slideshow in the link below (sorry, having WordPress issues and can’t seem to insert the slideshow. grrr).

Camanoe Slideshow


2 thoughts on “How to Put a Boat Back in the Water

  1. wow..what a trip that will be, and the guts to do it,,that must be in both of your blood for adventure. hope you e-mail me and I can tell the rest of my family your whereabouts and all the fun stuff that goes with this kind of trip. On the serious side ,both of you be very careful and take lots of pictures and put them on your e-mail for us to see.

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