Feeling Green

I’m still VERY new at sailing.  In fact, until Dave and I started seriously discussing doing the Ha-Ha and beyond I’d only been out on the SF Bay a couple of times. And only as a guest, or what a friend of mine refers to as “boat candy.”  Fun, but not anything technical and still fairly glamorous.

Real sailing is not glamorous.

But it’s still kinda fun.

Tonight I went out on a twilight sail with six other female members of OCSC.  It’s always awesome to be out sailing with other women.  No offense to the guys, but it’s BORING only talking about sailing and boats and sails and rigging and…you get the picture.  I find sailing to much more enjoyable when there are good stories, even if about sailing adventures, but real sharing conversations and not just talking about the technical side of what we’re already doing.

Anyway, it was a very enjoyable time tonight. But that’s not what I meant to blog about.  Who’s confused by this post? SME put your hand down.

What I MEANT to talk about was that, while the company and conversation were awesome, I spent most of the two hours out on the bay staring intently at the horizon or at the helm (AKA – at the wheel/steering) because that was the only way to keep myself from getting seasick.  When I took sailing classes last winter, I had one day of queasiness and then I was pretty much fine.  But on Camanoe and now tonight on the OCSC Catalina 36 boat, I could barely look away from the horizon without feeling like I needed to…well, you know.

This factor of our trip is a major concern for me.  I try not to focus on it too much and I do what I can (take Dramamine, ginger pills, etc), it’s still a pretty big hardship for me.  I don’t want to worry too much, but I am worried.  I will see if I can get “the patch” for the trip down the coast, but I’d welcome other suggestions.

Until then, I hope this passes. I hate sitting stuck at the wheel while Dave scurries around getting the sails up and trimmed.



4 thoughts on “Feeling Green

  1. How wonderful and yes a bit scary but you are right about not wanting to regret not taking the adventure at hand. John and I know a couple who have done what you are doing and I think I will ask them to follow your blog and offer tips if you don’t mind. Their name is Steve and Kathy Smith and the email is easypassage@yahoo.com
    let me know if that is okay. Meanwhile I plan to follow you every adventure along the way. Hugs Stacy

  2. Hi Steph and Dave,
    I finally found some time to check your site. The stories are great (sometimes scary) and the videos are fun. (A complete stranger handed you the keys to her car!)
    I was in Maryland all week for meetings at Aberdeen Proving Ground (Army) with lots of rain and thunderstorms making it very muggy. We are so lucky to have lived in California weather. Now Uncle Dave (very grumpy) and I have colds. I’m cooking an Elk roast in the crock pot using a recipe I found online using bacon and red wine. I need to get the extra freezer emptied before Uncle Dave’s hunting trip to Colorado later this month.
    I hope Steph is getting use to the rolling seas. Enjoy and be safe.
    Aunt Rosie

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