Here We Go

card 003 by bellacantare
card 003, a photo by bellacantare on Flickr.

I received this card from a friend on my 30th birthday in May. She knew I was still struggling with the idea of leaving all that I know and am familiar with to go on an extended sailing trip to Mexico with Dave. I put this card next to my bed and read it practically every night over the last three months. It’s encouraging to me because it’s exactly the way I feel. When I start to freak out about leaving or feel anxious about leaving my job or feel sad about missing my family, I think about how happy I’m going to be about taking this journey. I have so much faith that I will come back with a great story, memories to last for a lifetime and probably some pretty amazing photographs. I’m really excited!
So, please come along with us as Dave and I prepare to cast off in about a month and then we hope you’ll stick with us during our trip down to Cabo and into the Sea of Cortez. I’ll try to document the adventure and the cool things we see and do, while Dave will chime in about the more technical aspects of cruising. Feel free to comment or email us with questions (or tips!).


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